How do we ensure availability of Dutch Gladiolus Bulbs year round?

Our gladiolus bulbs are harvested from the fields of our producers in the Netherlands between October and December. These bulbs are preserved in our cold stores for a minimum of two months, initially at temperatures ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, and later at 5 degrees Celsius. This careful preparation allows us to supply fresh bulbs from this harvest to our customers throughout the year. In December we start shipping the bulbs, which our customers can plant from late January. The first harvest of gladiolus flowers is after 12 weeks.

This approach enables us to provide growers with bulbs tailored to their specific needs.


Cultivation: production of our bulbs

With over 50 years of experience in the research and development of new gladiolus varieties, our Dutch producers are at the forefront of innovation. They undertake extensive research to develop new varieties and technologies, resulting in high-quality products recognized worldwide. Every year, we introduce new species, allowing us to differentiate ourselves with attractive varieties that deliver the best crop returns.

Our gladiolus bulbs are disinfected before departure from Holland, ensuring they are ready for planting upon arrival and completely free from diseases or insects. For shipments outside the EU, the Plant Protection Service of the Netherlands issues phytosanitary certificates. To achieve the best results, our clients make sure that the land where the bulbs will be planted, is also free from diseases or pests.

Bulb Planting and Flower Harvest

We have the necessary expertise to develop the most suitable cultivation program for optimal results. Through frequent client visits, we guide the breeding program of the various varieties, providing personalized technical assistance to help growers achieve the best outcomes. Our extensive technical knowledge comes from close collaboration with our customers, the gladiolus flower growers.