High Quality

Our Dutch producers perform extensive research and develop new varieties and technologies to obtain a high quality product recognized worldwide.

New variaties

We introduce new species every year, which allows us to differentiate ourselves with attractive varieties that achieve the best returns on crops.

Knowledge and guidance

We have all the expertise to develop the most suitable personal cultivation program with the best results.This personal contact allows us to offer individual technical assistance to achieve the best results.

What can Stoop Flowerbulbs do for you?

Stoop Flowerbulbs Holland is world leader in the trade of gladiolus bulbs: we offer as a Dutch bulb exporter a large assortment of more than 200 different varieties and a wealth of colours all year round for the professional grower and wholesaler.

With more than 70 years of experience in the production, trade and export of flowerbulbs. We work together with carefully selected bulb growers and hybridizers in Holland and other countries. We improve and develop new cultivars and test these all over the world, using our own bulb improvement programs and mutually exchanging each other’s experiences and expertise. Innovative developments are closely monitored and fully analyzed by us in our greenhouses and test plots, as well as by our customers. Craftsmanship, knowledge, and specialization guarantee our high level of quality.

By deliver this high level of quality we help the growers produce first class gladiolus flowers for their market.