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Los Liliums: Sus aplicaciones como flores

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Gladioli Growing Guide General (English)
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These document are selected for you to help you during your gladiolus production.

Gladiolus as cut flowers.

Guidelines for cut flower production.

This book is based on information gathered from research conducted in the Netherlands and experience acquired by Dutch growers. This means that the information described here has, for the most part, been obtained from, and applied to, production processes implemented in the Netherlands, a country that has a cool, temperate climate. The illustrations of the various diseases and physiological disorders were obtained from Applied Plant Research (PPO) in Lisse, a division of Wageningen University Research.


Trail fertilizer of gladiolus Pakistan

Trail fertilizer of gladiolus conducted in Pakistan. Developing optimal primary, secondary and micro nutrients levels for cut Gladiolus production

How to plant

Summary on how to plant gladiolus bulbs and advice on how to calculate the number of bulbs per m2.

Producing cut flowers and pot plants.

In this guide, practical tips are being given for deciding on the right cultivar and production scheduling. Effectively treating bulbs before starting production. Using the right growing conditions for cut flower production and preventing problems during production.